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Nature's Superfoods Help You Heal Faster

Green "superfoods" are superior sources of essential nutrients - nutrients we need but can't make ourselves.  While we're adding more salads ad vegetables to our diets, concern for the quality of foods grown on mineral-depleted soils makes green superfoods like chlorella, spirulina, barley and wheat grass popular.  They are nutritionally more potent than regular foods, and wonderful food antioxidants for healthy healing.


Green and blue-green algae (phyto-plankton) are almost perfect superfoods.

They have rich, high-quality protein, fiber, chlorophyll, vitamins, minerals and enzymes.  They can be used therapeutically to stimulate immune response, enhance tissue repair, accelerate healing, help prevent degenerative disease and promote longer life.

bulletThey are the most potent source of beta carotene available in the world today.
bulletThey are the richest plant source of vitamin B-12.
bulletTheir amino acids are virtually identical to those needed by the human body.
bulletTheir protein yield is greater than soy beans, corn or beef.
bulletThey are the superior food sources of DHA (an EFA found in high amounts in breast milk)
bulletThey are natural detoxifiers to protect against chemical pollutants and radiation.



Chlorella has a higher concentration of chlorophyll than any known plant.

It is a complete protein food, with all the B vitamins, vitamin C and E and many minerals actually high enough to be considered supplemental amounts.  The list of chlorella benefits is long and almost miraculous, from detoxification to energy enhancement, to immune system restoration through a unique molecular compound called Controlled Growth Factor.


bulletChlorella's cell wall material is especially beneficial for intestinal health, detoxifying the colon, stimulating peristaltic activity and promoting friendly bacteria.
bulletChlorella eliminates heavy metals like lead, mercury, copper and cadmium.
bulletChlorella is an important source of carotenes in healing tumors.
bulletChlorella strengthens the liver, the body's major detoxifying organ, so that it can rid the body of infective agents that destroy immune defenses.
bulletChlorella reduces arthritis stiffness.
bulletChlorella normalized blood pressure.
bulletChlorella relieves indigestion, hiatal hernia, gastritis and ulcers.
bulletChlorella is effective in weight loss programs.  It cleanses, has rich nutrients that keep energy up during dieting and maintains muscle during lower food intake.



Spirulina is the original green superfood.

It's an ecological wonder because it grows in both ocean and lake waters and can be cultivated in extreme environments useless for conventional agriculture.  It grows in such a variety of climates and conditions that some consider it the nutrition answer for whole populations on the brink of starvation.  Amazingly prolific, spirulina doubles its biomass every 2-5 days.

Big business isn't necessary for spirulina.  Small scale community farms are spirulina's biggest producers.  Researchers say that spirulina alone could double the protein available to people on a fraction of the world's land, while helping restore the environmental balance of the planet. Acre for acre, spirulina yields 20x more protein than soybeans, 40x more protein than corn, and 400x more protein than beef.  It is a complete protein, with all 22 amino acids, the entire B-complex, including B-12, carotenes, minerals and essential fatty acids.  Digestibility is high, both for immediate and long range energy.



Green grasses are the only plants on earth that can give sole nutritional support to an animal throughout life.

Grasses are some of the planet's lowest-calorie, most nutrient-rich edibles and some of the most underused.  Grasses have the extraordinary ability to transform inanimate elements form soil. water and sunlight into living cells.  Grasses contain all the known minerals and trace minerals, balanced vitamins and hundreds of enzymes.  The molecular proteins and chlorophyllins in grasses are absorbed directly through our cell membranes.  Their rich chlorophyll helps humans as it does plants, to resist the destructive effects of air pollution, carbon monoxide, X-rays and radiation.  Studies on barley, wheatgrass and alfalfa show effects against a wide range of health problems:  high blood pressure, diabetes, gastritis, ulcers, liver disease, asthma, eczema, hemorrhoids, skin infections, anemia, constipation, body odor, bleeding gums, burns even cancer.  Good sources of vitamin K, green grasses are also effective for bone strength.



Barley grass is loaded with vitamins, minerals, enzymes, proteins and chlorophyllins.

It has 11x more calcium than cow's milk, 5x more iron than spinach, and 7x more vitamin C and bioflavonoids than orange juice.  Barley juice has anti-viral activity, shows results for DNA damage repair and neutralizes heavy metals like mercury.  It is an ideal anti-inflammatory for healing stomach ulcers and hemorrhoids.  Dr. Kubota of Tokyo Pharmacy Science says, "Barley grass has effects measurably stronger than either steroid or non-steroid drugs, with few if any side effects."



Alfalfa is one of the world's richest mineral-source foods, pulling up earth minerals from root depths as great as 130 feet!  Alfalfa's high chlorophyll content and rich plant fiber make it a good spring tonic, infection fighter and natural body deodorizer.  It is a restorative in cases of narcotic and alcohol addiction, a recognized therapy for arthritis, colon and skin disorders, anemia and liver problems.  Its high content of vitamin K helps herbalists use alfalfa to encourage blood-clotting.  Alfalfa's recognized phytohormones are effective in normalizing estrogen levels.



Wheat grass liquid has curative powers for cancer growths, with success as rectal implants in colon cancer cases.  Its ability to provide protection from carcinogens comes from chlorophyll's capacity to strengthen cells, detoxify the liver and blood and biochemically neutralize pollutants.  Wheat grass also normalizes the thyroid gland to stimulate metabolism which may be helpful in correcting obesity problems.  Fifteen pounds of fresh wheat grass has the nutritional value of 350 pound of vegetables with all their enzyme activity

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