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Do Herbs Work Differently for Men and Women?

Men and women clearly have different problems and different needs.  Hormone and glandular secretion, at the deepest level of the body processes, are the basic cause of the differences in the sexes.  The health and vitality for both men and women are based in the health of the glands.

Herbs are excellent answers for the problems that women face. 

It often all comes down to hormones for women - those incredibly important, potent substances that seem to be at the root of so many women's problems.  Some have almost immediate effects on the system; some have a delayed reaction.  Even in the tiniest amounts hormones have, as any woman can tell you, dramatic effects.  A minute imbalance in ratio or deficiency an cause dramatic body swings.  Many hormones are protein based and we now know that proteins from herb and green plant sources can be very effective for human gland and hormone health.

Many serious hormone-driven conditions such as breast and uterine fibroids, endometriosis, menopausal problems, even breast cancer, are involved with thyroid imbalance, usually a low thyroid condition.  Scientists believe that this is because estrogen levels are controlled by thyroid hormones.  If the thyroid does not receive enough iodine, not enough thyroxine (a thyroid hormone) is produced and too much estrogen builds up causing severe excess estrogen problems.

Drugs, chemicals and synthetic medicines, working as they do outside nature's cycle, often do not bring positive results for women.  Herbal therapy nourishes in a broad spectrum, like the female essence itself.  A woman's body responds to herbs easily without any side effects.  Herbs as foods are identified and used by the body's own enzyme action.  I find that most women know their bodies well, and can instinctively pinpoint even deep level areas of imbalance that need support.  Relief and response time are often quite gratifying.

It's a little know health fact, but an unusual number of people born after WWII have thyroid problems, especially women.  American industry started using many new chemicals during the war years that were not well tested.  Some of them ended up in our food supply after the war, in fertilizers, preservatives and pesticides.  Iodine-containing foods and herbs help bring the thyroid back into balance and stop the production of too much circulating estrogen.

One of the best therapy sources for natural iodine are sea greens.

Americans think of sea greens in connection with Asian foods, but some of the best ones come from pristine, unpolluted waters off the northern shores of our own coasts - from Maine and the western San Juan Islands.  They are delicious , sweet and they can make a big difference to your health.

Just 2 tbsp a day provide a therapeutic - strength dose.  Buy them in sun-dried packages in any health food store, and snip them over a soup, salad or rice; or grind them in a blender with your favorite dried spices and herbs for a delicious vegetable seasoning.

Herbs can be a valuable answer for men, too.

Today's fast pace and changing lifestyles seem to demand that men be Supermen.  A man must be strong physically during workouts and sports, supportive emotionally in relationships, balanced under stress, mentally creative and quick and sexually keen a virile.



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